• In the middle of a change reaction

    Not that many of us can admit that they truly enjoy change. And I don’t mean a change in holiday destination, choosing something different on a menu or even a new job from time to time. I mean the bigger changes taking place, mainly in the workplace. For most people, it’s just not in their […]

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  • Budget Bingo or a Bingo Budget?

    Unsurprisingly, this week’s Budget reiterated that austerity will continue for another two to three years at least. We didn’t really need a reminder – it was a bit like when you’ve pressed the snooze button on your alarm by accident. At least the really really big numbers we saw a couple of years ago seem […]

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  • STPs – why engagement and collaboration is key

    So a report published this week by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has said that Government has a lot to do to reassure the public that sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are delivering efficiencies and ‘not just a cover for cuts in services.’ This isn’t the first time engagement around STPs has been called into question, […]

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