At Scale Limited focuses on delivering at scale working, integrating primary care services and new models of care.

At Scale works with key stakeholders, such as GP practices, GP federations and CCGs, to define the right model for primary care in that particular locality. There is a focus on engagement, facilitation, exploring the options available and addressing any concerns.

There are several stages included in the approach:

  • Project initiation
  • Building the options and the assessment framework
  • Engagement
  • Collation and analysis
  • Building the plan
  • Realisation – At Scale Accelerator
  • Establish an action plan for the creation of the new arrangements, including support for its realisation and delivery.

The team has extensive experience and provides support throughout the process.

Additionally, At Scale has developed the At Scale Accelerator, a unique online tool which supports organisations through the project, quickly pulls together a complex set of interdependent tasks into one place, monitors progress online in real-time and provides assurance to stakeholders in terms of progress.