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  • Guest blog: A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not

    I happened to catch an article last week, which served as a timely reminder of the quote above. Applied to my work, this is something I find myself talking about a lot, particularly in the GP Federations and Super Practices we support.  However, this relates to all my work, whether it’s hubs of 30,000 to 50,000, […]

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  • What does a ‘good’ health service look like?

    I recently worked with a group developing a New Model of Care, discussing what ‘good’ looks like. “How will NHS England know we are good at what we do?” was the main topic of the debate, to which I added “how will the patients and wider stakeholders, which includes all service providers e.g. general practice, […]

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  • Why change is constant in pursuit of our goals

    change management

    You are chief executive of your own business! Whether you accept this is a different matter; however, we are all in charge of our own destiny. If you don’t like your work, don’t like your outcomes, are not enjoying life, nobody can fix that for you, you have to be willing to fix it for […]

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  • Guest blog: Could a different way of working deliver more for less?

    At a time when budgets are reducing and we’re being asked to deliver more for less, should the public sector be more innovative in shaping the roles and responsibilities of employees? Many people, particularly those in the public sector, are of the mindset that we need to consistently fill full time roles. But is it […]

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