• Could you put a price on customer value?

    In the latest in his series of blogs on lean, David Hamer gives his insight into the worth of customer value. A man goes into a barber’s shop and asks, “Can you give me a Tony Curtis haircut?” For those of you who are too young to know Tony Curtis, he was a movie star […]

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  • The 9 ‘wastes’ you need to reduce

    lean - a continuous journey

    The words that bring dismay to any Lean practitioner – we’ve done Lean or we’ve been Leaned. Aarrgghh, no you haven’t! You’ve used a couple of tools in the corner of a work area, but failed to understand that Lean is a philosophy, a way of thinking and a way of acting. It is continuous improvement. […]

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  • Guest blog: Could LEAN save our NHS?

    lean thinking libre albert einstein 2

    So, a snap General Election looms. We can expect snap decisions about what’s wrong with the NHS and snap decisions about how each party will put it right. These will inevitably include the call for more money and more staff. Now I’m not saying that the NHS couldn’t make good use of more money and […]

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