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  • The 9 ‘wastes’ you need to reduce

    lean - a continuous journey

    The words that bring dismay to any Lean practitioner – we’ve done Lean or we’ve been Leaned. Aarrgghh, no you haven’t! You’ve used a couple of tools in the corner of a work area, but failed to understand that Lean is a philosophy, a way of thinking and a way of acting. It is continuous improvement. […]

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  • The Rise of the Super Practice

    When first hearing the term, you may be forgiven for imagining a giant underground lair hosting some of Marvel or DC Comic’s finest. Judge Dredd being a favourite of mine since I was a young teenager explains a lot. There are masks (albeit surgical), daily battles to fight, good and evil – and we could […]

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  • Guest blog: Could LEAN save our NHS?

    lean thinking libre albert einstein 2

    So, a snap General Election looms. We can expect snap decisions about what’s wrong with the NHS and snap decisions about how each party will put it right. These will inevitably include the call for more money and more staff. Now I’m not saying that the NHS couldn’t make good use of more money and […]

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  • In the middle of a change reaction

    Not that many of us can admit that they truly enjoy change. And I don’t mean a change in holiday destination, choosing something different on a menu or even a new job from time to time. I mean the bigger changes taking place, mainly in the workplace. For most people, it’s just not in their […]

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  • Budget Bingo or a Bingo Budget?

    Unsurprisingly, this week’s Budget reiterated that austerity will continue for another two to three years at least. We didn’t really need a reminder – it was a bit like when you’ve pressed the snooze button on your alarm by accident. At least the really really big numbers we saw a couple of years ago seem […]

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  • STPs – why engagement and collaboration is key

    So a report published this week by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has said that Government has a lot to do to reassure the public that sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are delivering efficiencies and ‘not just a cover for cuts in services.’ This isn’t the first time engagement around STPs has been called into question, […]

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  • The harsh reality of health and social care

    The health and social care crisis continues. Huge gaps in funding, gaps in care and a system that isn’t working. I’m sure that people who know me would say I’m an optimist and always try to look for the positives in life. However, the harsh reality is that for too long we’ve been reluctant to […]

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  • Guest blog: What we can learn from Adventures in Wonderland

    “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Have you ever felt that you had to work really hard just to stay in the same place? Like […]

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  • Guest blog: Could a different way of working deliver more for less?

    At a time when budgets are reducing and we’re being asked to deliver more for less, should the public sector be more innovative in shaping the roles and responsibilities of employees? Many people, particularly those in the public sector, are of the mindset that we need to consistently fill full time roles. But is it […]

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  • Sorting the plans – how are Sustainability and Transformations Plans shaping up?

    Sustainability and Transformations Plans (STPs) are a hot topic at the moment – and rightly so. They have the potential to initiate major change across the NHS. As the mechanism to deliver the NHS Five Year Forward View, particularly the required savings of £22bn, STPs represent the shift towards preventative spending which will stabilise the […]

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