Wendy Majewska


Wendy has over 25 years experience of working in the health and social care sector, with a broad range of both clinical and management experience.

She has successfully led multi disciplinary teams within health and social care economies that faced operational, budgetary and clinical challenges. She has significantly improved the performance delivery of services through clear leadership and engagement with key stakeholders, introducing and facilitating transformational methodologies.

Key skills:

  • Project management skills offering critical thinking and the ability to lead, negotiate manage and monitor according to the agreed project framework
  • Prioritising and management of complex and competing expectations with excellent attention to detail
  • Clarity in analysis of service user feedback in complex health and social care environments
  • Facilitating focus groups and depth interviews for senior staff and stakeholders
  • Delivering recommendations gathered through depth interviews, focus groups and online surveys
  • Developing and implementing quality assurance procedures
  • Identifying key targets and achieving and ensuring optimal outcomes
  • Training and group facilitation
  • Excellent management and team development skills
  • Clinical leadership skills in health service development and provision
  • Delivering seminars, talks and lectures at national and international levels
  • Qualitative and quantative research methodology consulting with key stakeholders and engaging with a broad range of partners to provide clear, actionable insights and business guidance